Saturday, May 21, 2016

Game Night Picks: Coup

Politics seem to be on everyone's mind, so lets talk about a game that's heavily drenched in all the tension and drama of international affairs!
At one some point in our childhoods, we are given a standard, 52 deck of cards. Inevitably, someone teaches us the ultimate game of luck and bluffing-  everyone has a name for it, but I grew up calling it Bullshit. The cards are placed in chronological order, face-down, as players declare how many cards of that value they can play. If you are caught lying about what cards you placed or if you mistakenly accuse someone of lying, you pick up the discarded pile. Whoever runs out of cards first, wins. B.S. is a simple game, but it teaches players the art of bluffing. A more adult version of this game was made in 2012 by independent gaming company, Lone Oak Games. It has its own style and doesn't rely on the same statistics as a regular 52 card deck. But the game is still the game- only this time, it's called Coup.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Games from the Abyss: An interview with Call of Cthulhu Champion Tom Capor (Part Two)

In Part One, Tom Capor and I discussed the Living Card Game (LCG) Call of Cthulhu. We got to know about Tom's history with the game, his influence on the community, and why we should all respect the Black Dog. Here is were things get a little emotional, as we discuss the discontinuation and the baggage that came along.

(CF) The game was discontinued last September. Was it an emotional change for you?

(Tom) "Definitely. After my first championship win in 2009 and being able to insert a piece of myself into the game, I was attached to the game. As my success continued, the game defined me as much as I began to define it. It became a major part of my life and I would accredit it for a lot of the relationships I hold today. So, now that it’s over, I feel lost. Tried playing other games and I’ve yet to find a game that offers the same level of play that Cthulhu had. So for now, I’m not gaming too seriously. Despite my intentions to compete in up to several games later this year. It should do wonders for my health though."

Friday, May 13, 2016

Games from the Abyss: An interview with Call of Cthulhu Champion Tom Capor (Part One)

In the fall of 2014 I was introduced to Call of Cthulhu: the Card Game. In the fall of 2015, the game was discontinued after ten plus years. It was one of the few games in which I played tournaments and was pretty upset when it came to an end. As a huge H.P. Lovecraft fan, I could appreciate how this game had mechanics that perfectly matched elements from the books... not to mention the art on the cards was captivating. I met some pretty amazing people through this game, including multi-World Champion winner, Tom Capor. He has the experience of play-testing for Fantasy Flight Games, creating customized lists for expansions, and even has his face featured on a few cards. More than any other player, he has helped shape the community and is so strongly tied to the game. I recently had the chance to talk with him about his love of the game and wanted to ask if there is any reason to play a dead Living Card game. 

Just a heads up, this goes into game play on a much more intricate level than usual. Tom goes into just enough detail for those who haven't played before that you can follow along. I, for one, recommend checking out Call of Cthulhu: the Card Game, but I'll get to that in Part Two.