About Friends of Flyday

Here are a couple of other blogs I'd like to highlight, and can also be reached from the side bar. Some are about games, some about fantasy, some are just from friends who, quite frankly, deserve a little attention. While they may not directly relate to my posts, these authors have encouraged my writing and are all fantastic game partners. I will post more links as I get permission from authors. From Casual Flyday, I thank you all: much love!

Armada Tactics at Steel Squadron HQ - this is a blog dedicated to Star Wars: Armada and the occasional X-wing post. Biggs, my better half, discusses tactics and the current meta and isn't afraid to give his two cents. xwingtactics.blogspot.com

The Midnight Asylum - Do you like writing based on fantastical works like H.P. Lovecraft? How about queer and feminist takes on pop-culture? This blog is part-review, part-creative outlet from a dear friend of mine. Check it out! themidnightasylum.tumblr.com

Tom Capor - Tom was nice enough to let me interview him about his experience being multi-world champion of Call of Cthulhu: the card game. Here is his Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUp0MhpklwKM2e9ed1WVlLA

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